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Travel Heals is a blog about a love for travel and adventuring despite my adversity as someone who suffers with Lyme disease. My adventures end up being focused on exploring the outdoors, finding healthy eats all across the globe, and experiencing unique places, as well as figuring out how to cope with severe chronic pain and multiple other symptoms while traveling. I mostly travel with my husband and try to travel with my dogs, if possible. We love to travel cheap, but we will invest in something if it is really worth it to us (like hot air balloon rides!). We may travel cheap and enjoy the outdoors, but we like to show others how to do the same without compromising comfort.

As the author of this blog and a photographer, I fuse my love for travel and gorgeous photography together to make travel irresistible to my readers. I try my best to spread a thirst for knowledge and a craving for seeing beauty via my blog posts.

I am a professional photographer who quit the portrait business simply because I hated it. Mark is a full-time musician here in Austin, TX. We are the proud parents of two great danes, Mozart and Magellan (and one dane in heaven – Quinn), and try to take them on our travels when we can. We love adventure and trying new things.


Travel Heals is open to many different types of partnership opportunities, such as destination, service, and product reviews, press trips, sponsored posts, sidebar advertising, social media press, and trade.

I can also offer your brand, product, destination, or service well-thought out blog posts with beautiful photographs, reviews on Gogobot, TripAdvisor, Yelp, or your preferred review site, and even the rights to photographs taken of your destination, brand, product, or service.

Brands I’ve worked with: RCI, Gogobot, Canon, Decide to Drive, Disney, and Color in Motion 5K.


as of September 1, 2015:

Travel Heals’ readers primarily come from the United States (59%), Canada (12%), and the UK (9%), with most of the readers classifying themselves as females (71%) and the most prominent age group being 25-34 (44%).

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