How Meghan Edits Her Photos

Last week, I showed you how I edit my photos. This week, I’m sharing with you how my friend Meghan from Eat Live Make edits hers.

Meghan and I have been thinking of ways to collaborate since we’ve become friends. Since we have SO much in common, we think that it would be fun to share our knowledge on several subjects with you.

Since we are both photographers, small business owners, health nuts, both deal with chronic pain and celiac disease, and we both love to travel and be outdoors, we have some pretty awesome collaborations in the works!

For now, we are teaming up to show you how we post-process our photos for our blogs and for our businesses. We both use different methods, and we both love our results. Here is Meghan’s video:


Meghan uses Visual Supply Company presets in Adobe Camera Raw to edit all of her photos. 

Photographers, whether beginner or pro, are continually looking for ways to fine-tune their editing processes. Meghan says that it took her about 6 months to find her niche in post-processing (I’m jealous – it took me about 7 years!!). We both believe that no one particular way of editing is better than the other, but hopefully our videos might help you out in finding what you like! 

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